Things get uncomfortable when the giant felt mascot of that restaurant chain you follow on Twitter starts to follow you back in person.

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Now when you follow Mellow Mushroom on Twitter or Facebook, Mellow Mushroom follows you. See for yourself at, and get a free order of pretzels plus a chance to win FREE PIZZA for a year.
FastCompany notes: As ominous as the term might sound, Facebook-stalking is a relatively innocuous activity. After all, the person being “stalked” did volunteer all of that information in the first place, and the person meticulously perusing it might have a positive reason for doing so. If any stranger was going to take their stalking efforts offline, though, and show up IRL, as they say, it might as well be an enormous hippy mushroom.

When the pizza restaurant chain Mellow Mushroom kicked off its “Follow Us and We’ll Follow You” campaign recently, it left out one slight detail: The following might end up extending beyond Twitter and into fans’ real lives. Created by Atlanta-based agency Fitzgerald+CO and directed by Arts & Science‘s Adam and Dave, a new series of videos shows Twitter users going about their day, only to be ambushed by Mellow Mushroom’s mascot, a giant felt mushroom that looks like it fell out of 1967 Haight-Ashbury and into a shallow puddle of THC resin.

Fitzgerald+CO contacted family and friends of the pizza chain’s new followers–whom they must have found through further social media stalking–and found out their whereabouts in order to pull off the stunt.