KFC campaign leaves no mobile channel untouched

MobileMarketer notes:

KFC is running a mobile campaign to promote its Hot Wings that includes in-application and mobile Web display advertising, as well as custom brand integration within a mobile game.

The calls-to-action of the quick-service restaurant brand’s display and SMS ads include click-to-mobile-Web and click-to-download-application. KFC tapped 4Info to power the campaign, which also includes persistent brand exposure in the Backbreaker 2 mobile game and accompanying leaderboard on Facebook, which is accessible via mobile and online.

“The main opportunity of mobile advertising is simply to embrace what works in mobile today,” said Anne Frisbie, head of North America at InMobi, San Mateo, CA. “Mobile scales—reach and impactful creative now exist in combination.

“According to research we conducted, consumers want the basics of advertising to learn something new and save money above many of the benefits we often discuss in the industry today,” she said. “Focus on these core elements of mobile advertising in combination with the right calls-to-action and a mobile-optimized and measured store front, and you will reap huge benefits for the brand.

“The creative options on mobile need to be exploited with a range of ways to convert directly to sales or to a permission marketing relationship with consumers, who then convert when the need or a promotion compels them to do so.”

KFC 360-degree mobile campaign pushes  The Doublicious campaign’s landing page promotion

InMobi is not affiliated with KFC or 4Info. Ms. Frisbie commented as an expert on mobile advertising.

KFC feelin’ hot-hot-hot
KFC previously worked with 4Info to launch its Doublicious sandwich supported by a free version of the Backbreaker Lite application.

Recently, the restaurant franchise decided to promote its Hot Wings with a brand integration in the Backbreaker 2 football application.

KFC 185x185The Colonel

This special edition of Backbreaker 2 featuring KFC branding is available for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store.

KFC’s goal was to drive sales of Hot Wings among adults ages 18-49, with a particular focus on men ages 18-24.

To achieve this, the brand used 4Info to serve advertising in relevant mobile channels.

The primary tactic was targeted network media driving promotion of KFC Hot Wings.

Mobile advertising was targeted towards consumers with an interest in sports, games and other mobile media content such as videos and ringtones.

The KFC campaign spanned SMS, display and mobile application sponsorship with the goal of reaching the broadest possible mobile audience.

Mobile marketing was a necessity to not only reach, but most importantly engage with these heavy mobile users, particularly to influence mealtime decision-making.

InsightExpress conducted a study comparing the growth of mobile campaigns and campaign effectiveness by device over the last three years.

“Compared to feature phone users, the study finds that smartphone users are most impacted by mobile campaigns, likely due to the large screen sizes and rich media offerings,” said Mack McKelvey, senior vice president of marketing at Millennial Media, Baltimore.

“However, when it comes to other effectiveness metrics such as awareness and purchase intent, there is little discrepancy between the two types of devices,” she said.

“For advertisers, this indicates that mobile advertising can be effective regardless of device and buys should be made across all devices to maximize campaign effectiveness.”

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