Why Pizza Giants Want Customers to Click, Not Call, for Delivery

smootheAdAge Reports: Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Others Hope to Boost Online Orders to 50%
-online customers spend more
-are more satisfied -serving them is more efficient for each individual store
-also more likely to jump on the promotions that marketers use to drive interest in new products

Bob Kraut, VP-marketing at Pizza Hut, which expects to do $1 billion in online sales by the end of 2012 — a whopping tenfold increase from the May 2007 level of $100 million — said the online pizza buyer is more recession-proof than most.
Five ways to get more people to purchase your product online
1. All online and offline ads, even packaging, should promote your website.
2. Make your site “slippery”; speedy transactions foster loyalty.
3. Take the sting out of account setup by making the initial order as simple as possible.
4. Offer incentives for the first purchase and find other reasons for site visits: Coupons, freebies and entertainment tie-ins all goose interest.
5. Manage your database by tailoring offers to consumers who opt in.